Prefab Count: 65k / Map size:4000k

A cataclysm is a terrible natural phenomenon that destroys everything in its path, killing all life on our planet,
and that’s what happened to this previously beautiful island.
Previously, cities flourished on it, technologies developed, people rested in parks, multiplied, but 2 centuries ago a terrible thing happened. Nature decided to make a wipe on the island and erase annoying people from its surface.
The core of the earth froze and formed a huge canyon in the middle of the island,
only the sun helped the upper part of the island to stay warm.
Most of the population died, only a few remained – they were chosen to restore the infrastructure for life.
But also some survivors have turned into mutants who live in the ruins of an overgrown city,
where you can profit from a good loot, but you need to avoid falling into traps and overcome deadly parkour on very high skyscrapers.


A lot of interesting locations to explore

Deadly parkour on skyscrapers

Rustlers - Cataclysm, Custom v1.2.1

Custom Monuments & Prefabs

  • 🔸Raidable Islands | Raidable Mountains | Places to Build
  • 🔸Georgetown (A big city with traps and parkour)
  • 🔸DownTown (A big city with traps and parkour)
  • 🔸Foggy Bottom (A big city with traps and parkour)
  • 🔸Capitol (Does not require presentation)
  • 🔸Destroyed Golden Gate (Remains of the famous bridge)
  • 🔸Suspension Bridge (A great way to quickly move through the canyon)
  • 🔸Submarine (Winter version)
  • 🔸Alexandria (The last camp of survivors)
  • 🔸Ship in Ice (Frozen ship)
  • 🔸Colony 5 (Shelter from the cold in an ice canyon)
  • 🔸Shelter (An abandoned metro station for people’s lives)
  • 🔸Landfish Station
  • 🔸Lanova Station
  • 🔸Rozovo Station
  • 🔸House Under Ship
  • 🔸Butcher Shop
  • 🔸Diner in Wind
  • 🔸Petrol Station
  • 🔸Fish Warehouse
  • 🔸Junk Camp
  • 🔸Custom zipline points
  • 🔸Coaling Tower

Monuments from Facepunch

  • 🔸Launch Site
  • 🔸Outpost
  • 🔸Junkyard
  • 🔸Water Treatment Plant
  • 🔸Giants Excavator
  • 🔸Train Yard
  • 🔸Airfield
  • 🔸Military Tunnel
  • 🔸Power Plant
  • 🔸OilRig (2)
  • 🔸Harbor
  • 🔸Bandit Camp
  • 🔸Sewer Branch
  • 🔸Desert Military Base
  • 🔸Lighthouse
  • 🔸Fishing Village
  • 🔸Ranch
  • 🔸The Dome
  • 🔸Satellite Dish
  • 🔸Roadsite Monument
  • 🔸Underground Tunnels
  • 🔸Arctic Research Base |
  • 🔸Underwater Lab

A big thanks to Mad Mappers & Grubber