Combustion Isle

Prefab Count: 56k / Map size:4000k

Combustion Isle is a large-sized map designed from the start to be great with cars with special attention given to the roads to add a nice mix of smooth and bumpy parts in the network of interlacing roads. To complement the map there is a rail network and full river system to add even more transport options.

There are a lot of custom monuments in this map in all shapes and sizes from underwater to underground not to mention the huge lift and cable bridges
Rustlers - Combustion Isle, Custom v1.5.1

Custom Monuments & Prefabs

  • 🔸Raidable Islands | Raidable Mountains | Places to Build
  • 🔸Heli Towers
  • 🔸Underwater Server Farm
  • 🔸Mecatrodectus
  • 🔸Satellite Dish
  • 🔸Sphere Tank
  • 🔸Bandit Lift Bridge

Monuments from Facepunch

  • 🔸Airfield
  • 🔸Mineral Extraction
  • 🔸Bandit Camp
  • 🔸Giants Excavator
  • 🔸Fishing Village
  • 🔸Gas Station
  • 🔸Ranch
  • 🔸Launch Site
  • 🔸Lighthouse
  • 🔸Military Tunnel
  • 🔸OilRig Large
  • 🔸OilRig Small
  • 🔸Outpost
  • 🔸Power Plant
  • 🔸Sewer Branch
  • 🔸Supermarket
  • 🔸Train Yard
  • 🔸Warehouse
  • 🔸Harbor
  • 🔸Junkyard
  • 🔸Underwater Lab
  • 🔸Desert Military Base
  • 🔸Arctic Research Base
  • 🔸Underground Tunnels

A big thanks to RobJ