Destroyed World

Prefab Count: ~74к prefabs Size: 4000к

A global catastrophe has broken out on a remote island located in the open ocean.

Quite recently, life flourished here. It took quite a bit of time and people began to come to the remains of the island, but this world has become too cruel.

Be careful exploring the island. Incredibly huge multi-level locations are waiting for you.


A lot of interesting locations to explore (Ground, underground, underwater).
    Several places to build bases.
      Extensive network of railways connected to underground tunnels.
        You can take the subway to the underwater laboratory.
Rustlers - Destroyed World, Custom Ver.1.9.1

Custom Monuments & Prefabs

  • 🔸Raidable Islands | Raidable Mountains | Places to Build
  • 🔸Brooklyn (Dilapidated part of the famous city)
  • 🔸Abandoned Complex (An underground monument with many levels and atmosphere)
  • 🔸Village by the Lake (A post-Soviet village with beautiful nature and lots of details)
  • 🔸Huge Radioactive Settlement (A huge monument with radiation, lots of puzzles & an unusual landscape)
  • 🔸Military Bunker (Mysterious intelligence and research station)
  • 🔸Destroyed Church (A large monument in a scary style)
  • 🔸Gas station
  • 🔸Ancient City (The flooded ancient city)
  • 🔸Rozovo Station
  • 🔸Landfish Station
  • 🔸Lanova Station
  • 🔸Station
  • 🔸Supermarket
  • 🔸Diner
  • 🔸Railway bridges
  • 🔸Place to Build
  • 🔸The ground railway is connected to underground tunnels

    (please enter the tunnel only with the workcart in front)

Monuments from Facepunch

  • 🔸Launch Site
  • 🔸Nuclear Missile Silo
  • 🔸Outpost
  • 🔸Junkyard
  • 🔸Water Treatment Plant
  • 🔸Train Yard
  • 🔸Airfield
  • 🔸Military Tunnel
  • 🔸Power Plant
  • 🔸Oil Rig (2)
  • 🔸Harbour
  • 🔸Bandit Camp
  • 🔸Gas Station
  • 🔸Sewer Branch
  • 🔸Lighthouse
  • 🔸Fishing Village
  • 🔸Ranch
  • 🔸The Dome
  • 🔸Satellite Dish
  • 🔸Roadsite Monument
  • 🔸Underground Tunnels
  • 🔸Arctic Research Base
  • 🔸Underwater Lab

A big thanks to Mad Mappers & Xacku