Detroit: Irreparable Damage

Prefab Count: 65k / Map size:4000k

So the new year 2022 has come, and I present to your attention a well-designed map this year.
This time I suggest you dive into the near future, unfortunately this future is not as bright as we would like.
A global catastrophe has occurred and the world we knew is mired in the elements,
and looters and nomads dominate the remains of the ruins.
The central place of the map consists of 2 dilapidated cities, they store a lot of danger and loot,
so the central city has a Lake with fresh water.
On this map, I have added the opportunity for your players to build directly in some skyscrapers and their roofs,
which are the easiest to reach by flying machines.
You can also find many other locations on the maps. Monorails are installed all over the map,
which will allow you to drive around the entire circumference of the map and even call in Detroit itself.
I am sure that you will like the map and will bring a lot of fun, good luck nomads!

Rustlers - Detroid, Irreparable Damage, Custom 1.2.1

Custom Monuments & Prefabs

  • 🔸Detroit City (Large City)
  • 🔸Destroyed area (Large City)
  • 🔸Mountain Complex
  • 🔸Large Ice Cave
  • 🔸Death Train
  • 🔸Large abandoned tunnels
  • 🔸Car Dealership
  • 🔸Deadly Maze
  • 🔸Desert Base
  • 🔸Lost City
  • 🔸Water City
  • 🔸Johnny’s Diner
  • 🔸Old Market
  • 🔸Car Service
  • 🔸Lake Michigan
  • 🔸Dam
  • 🔸Station
  • 🔸Monorails and railway tracks
  • 🔸Many islands, for those who like to live far from the mainland
  • 🔸Raidable Islands | Raidable Mountains | Places to Build

Monuments from Facepunch

  • 🔸Launch Site
  • 🔸Outpost
  • 🔸Junkyard
  • 🔸Water Treatment Plant
  • 🔸Train Yard
  • 🔸Airfield
  • 🔸Military Tunnel
  • 🔸Harbor
  • 🔸Bandit Camp
  • 🔸Sewer Branch
  • 🔸Lighthouse
  • 🔸Fishing Village
  • 🔸Giants Excavator
  • 🔸Ranch
  • 🔸The Dome
  • 🔸Satellite Dish
  • 🔸Roadsite Monument
  • 🔸Underground Tunnels
  • 🔸Arctic Research Base
  • 🔸Zipline
  • 🔸Underwater Lab

A big thanks to Mad Mappers & Grubber