Prefab Count: 46k/ Map size:4000k

The near future, the planet has suffered a global ecological catastrophe, the sun has burned out most civilizations and green nature.
    All that remains are the ruins of an old civilization.
    People turned into looters and raiders, they created several factions of their own and started a war with each other for the most significant resource on this planet - Gasoline.
    This resource allows gangs to move around a huge island in search of new production,
    most of the oil fields are captured by raiders, their bases are everywhere, on land, on water.
    The city located on this island was sunk and its new inhabitants became Sharks.
    I present to your attention a new map in the post-apocalyptic wasteland style,
      here you will find many custom locations, more than 20, locations are located everywhere, on land, on water, underground.
      You will also find some great places to build your base, a huge number of bridges,
      ziplines will give you the opportunity to quickly move between the peninsulas.
      You can also buy a flight transport at the outpost.
        The relief map also offers the use of parachutes to overcome long distances.
        Drinking water in the bays will give you the opportunity to quench your thirst and build a farm.
        Good luck in surviving on this island!

Gasoline 002

Custom Monuments & Prefabs

  • 🔸Gas Town
  • 🔸Red Rock
  • 🔸Overview Point
  • 🔸Diesel Storage
  • 🔸Shark City
  • 🔸Trail Camp
  • 🔸Port Station
  • 🔸Broken oil pipeline
  • 🔸Crew Barracks
  • 🔸Loners Shelter
  • 🔸Marauders Hangar
  • 🔸Oil Station
  • 🔸Fault
  • 🔸Rogue Camp
  • 🔸Junk Base
  • 🔸Roger Dam
  • 🔸Pier
  • 🔸Diesel Rigs
  • 🔸Bridge Security
  • 🔸Sea Wolves
  • 🔸Rusty Ship
  • 🔸Drawbridge
  • 🔸Coaling Tower
  • 🔸West Bridge
  • 🔸North Bridge
  • 🔸Interesting places to build a base marked X
  • 🔸Custom Raidable Areas

Monuments from Facepunch

  • 🔸Launch Site
  • 🔸Missile Silo
  • 🔸Junkyard
  • 🔸Harbor 1 & 2
  • 🔸Arctic Research Base
  • 🔸Satellite Dish
  • 🔸Airfield
  • 🔸Bandit Camp
  • 🔸Outpost (mod version)
  • 🔸Giants Excavator
  • 🔸Water Treatment Plant
  • 🔸Military Tunnel
  • 🔸The Dome
  • 🔸Sewer Branch
  • 🔸Ranch
  • 🔸Fishing Village 1,2,3 (Modified version)
  • 🔸Lighthouse
  • 🔸Underwater Lab
  • 🔸Railway
  • 🔸HQM, Sulfur, Stone Quarry
  • 🔸Roadsite Monument

A big thanks to Mad Mappers & Grubber