Server Rules

Not following some of the below rules may result, temporary or permanent Ban.

Respect all Players & Staff
On our servers, everyone is equal new and old players to staff eyes….
Treat everyone with kindness. This community is meant to be a friendly place of Rust.
This includes purposely harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech on other players
there are not tolerated or approved.
Threats of any kind.
DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse or other malicious threats are absolutely prohibited and disallowed.
Calling staff names and being rude will not be tolerated. We are not your parents and won’t tolerate your B.S.

If Admins or any staff tells you to stop doing something, Stop it!
The admins/staff have the perms to mute, kick or ban sometimes without warning!
Be sure you check your in-game chat for someone talking to you!
If you feel mistreated or have any questions, reach out to an admin to resolve.

Members are encouraged to chat & make friends but spamming for no reason in game chat,
will have the result a mute for some period. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisments , etc.) without permission from a staff member.
This includes DMing fellow members.

Cheating / Exploiting
Exploiting is defined as ‘Using or abusing a design flaw, configuration flaw, or error/bug for personal gain or achievement in a way that was obviously not intended to be possible.
Result, permanent ban from our servers.

Political / Religious
Keep your views and opinions on these topics for yourself.

Advertising or links for other rust and discord servers is prohibited. Result, permanent ban from our servers.

 Pornography / violent / Disturbing links
No NSFW or obscene content.
This includes text, images or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, racism, animal abuse or
other graphically disturbing content, applies to signs artist too!
Result, permanent ban from our servers.

Do not attempt to impersonate an admin or staff.
We encourage players to help each other, but not impersonate staff.

Blocking access to map locations & monuments
This includes anything build into the map, custom or vanilla, including but not limited to monuments, mini-monuments, cave entrances, tunnels, etc.

Building bridges or huge walls
PvE servers: Building huge walls around or close to your base is not needed, is PvE server, so you don’t have to worry about someone raiding you.
PvE Servers with PvP before wipe: Building huge walls around or close to your base is not necessary needed during the PvE period.
Prepare your defenses before the
PvP period.
PvP servers: Build your bases without disturbing other players bases and areas.

Damaging other player structures
Do not use the Heli or hide from the heli near someone else structure.
Someone found to be purposely causing damage to another base is in violation of this rule and will be banned!

Building / Deploying
Do not build / deploy anything on someone else’s base, this includes placing ladders, twig, etc.

That means if you didn’t earn it , you don’t loot it.
NPCs, crates, etc.If someone else is already there do not rush in and try to loot, already fight for that loot.
If you are the victim in one of those situations, make sure to inform in game chat the other player that is your loot. If they ignore you, make a ticket to let us know.

Raids are straight forward…
You don’t build anything inside the raid islands or in sleeping bag areas you should place only sleeping bag.

We have suggestions channel in discord! If you feel that something should be changes, feel free to let us know! We are open in any ideas and happy to explore new stuff with you!

If you find any plugin that doesn’t work, map bug you should let us know immediately!
We are working every day hard to keep our servers running and updated,
so you friends that you prefer to play with us, can have the best game experience in our servers.
If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, open a ticket in rust-support.
We want our servers to be a welcome space for all!